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Zenbiz Trippin Episode #5 – “Music and Travel through the eyes of the International DJ JaBig”

Zenbiz Trippin Episode # 5 –  LISTEN HERE

The Topic of the show is Music and Travel through the eyes of the International DJ JaBig 

Meet JaBig, a House Music DJ from Montreal, Canada and co-owner of Gotsoul Recordings, a record label that specializes in the release of deep and soulful sounds.

In 1998, JaBig began his DJ career, a professional journey that has taken him far and wide, from Johanesburg, South Africa to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For over a decade, he has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious events and venues, such as Cielo in New York City, Nikki Beach in Miami, the Red Bull Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix Week-End Party, the Miami Winter Music Conference, and the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

JaBig has lived and traveled all over the Globe, immersing himself in diverse cultural centers and habitats along the way.  His life experiences have inspired his musical tastes and talents–he possesses a signature sound that fuses electronic dance music with folkloric sounds and flavors,  a style that fully expresses the influence and variety of his upbringing and travels.

A bona fide DJ, JaBig does not release formulaic music so as to appeal to a wide demographic and gain fast, easy notoriety; instead, he lets his music and live DJ mix 

sets speak for themselves.

Besides a full-time DJ career, JaBig runs several music related businesses and projects, on top of which he has many pursuits and interests that demand his attention.  Above all else, however, JaBig is an avid traveller; he is constantly on the move, whether for work or for play.

His recent decision

to embark on a round the world DJ tour by car beginning this summer (all proceeds of which will go towards eliminating world hunger), will therefore be the culminating experience of his career. Not only will it combine two of his foremost passions, DJing and travel, but The Big Journey will give him the opportunity he has been waiting for to make a positive change in this world.

For The Big Journey, a historic first in the music and DJ world, JaBig will travel as many of the 196 recognized sovereign states as possible by car, so long as they remain safe to traverse. This is the world’s ultimate DJ road-trip, and to ensure its success JaBig has put together a team of dedicated friends and volunteers who, together, are helping him achieve his lifelong dream of touring the world with a purpose, leaving a positive change in his wake.  Read more about JaBig here and check out his slamming beats.

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