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Zenbiz Trippin Episode #6 – “International Travel South African Style”

Zenbiz Trippin Episode # 6 –  LISTEN HERE

The Topic of the show is International Travel African Style:

Meet: Wandisile Mafuya

Age: 28years
Born: East London, South Africa
Ethnic Group: Xhosa
Education:UNIVERSITY of South Africa (Diploma in Taxation) and currently doing (Bachelor of Commerce in Transport Economics)
Occupation: Flight Attendant


In short I’m a son, brother, friend who loves travelling the world for work and also for leisure.Nothing refreshes like travelling and the experience you get from it.

This episode is full of useful information about traveling through the eyes of a flight attendant.  Wandi talks about his travels around the globe as well as some of his favorite destinations.  In addition he gives wonderful information about traveling to his homeland and places to visit.  This interview will make you smile and ready to pack your bags and visit South Africa today.



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